About us is a family owned business which was started because we all like magic and sometimes the best business to do something you love.

Ever since I was young magic has always fascinated me and I enjoy watching it. In fact, shortly after my wife and I got married took a trip to Las Vegas. When most people think of Vegas they think of shows, gambling, conventions and buffets. But we had none of it. We spent almost the entire time in the small magic shops at various casino malls being entertained by the novice magicians. And we spend almost all our vacation money on the small magic tricks we can do at home. It was fun! Even though that was 15 years ago, and we did nothing exotic, it is still one of the funnest trips we ever had, and the nice thing about it, it was fairly inexpensive. Being entertained my small simple magic tricks. Those were some good times and we have some fond memories of that time.

Today, we still show off each others magic tricks. They are fun, entertaining and our goal is to help you do the same. Whether it is learning that simple card trick or trying to wow your friends by making the item disappear, I think you'll find a ways to do it here at

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